LinneaI've heard a story. People talk of a story of a ceremony for the first salmon?

ElderThe First Salmon Ceremony?


ElderIt goes back to the original story of, you know, when the Creator gave us the salmon, and he said, "I'll send you these children of the Salmon people," and that was what he sent up the river. And we always believe that the Salmon people live out in the ocean. So they have a ceremony, and it takes place when the first spring salmon comes into the river, that the chief will have it cooked, and he will distribute it to every member in the village, and they're instructed to take the bones back to the river, and send these bones back to the Salmon people, and to thank them for offering their children so that we may live.


ElderYou know, everything that we've, we receive from the Creator, you know that we give thanks. You know, even when we're hunting animals and we kill an animal, you know, we give thanks to the spirit of that animal for sacrificing itself, so that we may live, you know, and that was pretty well behind the First Salmon Ceremony, where you give thanks to the Salmon people that live out in the ocean, for providing food for us. And if we don't do that, you know, they always say that "next year, you won't get any salmon, or very few!"


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