FrankWell, thanks for asking us, because, you know, you kind of jogged our memories too, you know, when you're asking those questions, you know, because Jeff and I, when we were coming back, we were talking about elders and their responsibilities, you know, like chiefs. We don't call them "chiefs", we call them "siya:ms". And they all have a responsibility to our people, because one person couldn't look after the whole tribe, you know, and we have several of them. And I mentioned those siya:ms have looked after your family, looked after your other things that, your history, storytellers. My uncle Bob Joe, Robert Joe, he's my dad's half-brother, and he was informant to Wilson Duff-

Rikki-yeah, he was-

Frank-in the 1950s, in 1950.

RikkiHe was still alive when I first started.

FrankYeah, and he laid a lot of history down, and then Albert Lewis, he was a chief on my reserve, and he laid a lot of history down. And I always look at those "Albert Lewis is suffering from elders' abuse", because like he was a funny person, he was a comical person, and people never took him seriously, you know. They thought he didn't know anything, so they'd never go down and sit down and talk to him, you know. I know he was a crazy old bugger. It's probably what they're saying about me!


FrankBut, Oliver Wells, he took that time to go and sit with him, and asked him the history of the people, asked him for Indian names of his family, you know. And Brent Galloway, who was transcribing all those tapes, because Oliver Wells' daughter was going to publish it, and she did publish it in "The Chilliwack and Their Neighbours", and Brent Galloway phoned me, and he said, "Frank, I found a lot of history of your family here," and he said, "When I finish it, I'll give you a copy," and he had it in long, in his handwriting, in long hand. I showed it to Gordon Mohs, and he said, "Frank, I'll put it in a disk for you, on computer." So every time I want a copy, they just look for that disk and run off a copy. You know I found Indian names in there but, we lost them, you know. But it was through Oliver Wells' research that we found them.

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