LinneaHello! Welcome! My name is Ai:yametkwa, "she who brings the sun." Enjoy!

What I am going to do for you today, I'm going to tell you the story of the sacred transformer stone. Long, long ago, in the age of transformation, the Creator looked down, and he saw that the people weren't living right. He said, "They're not feeding their children right. They're not, they're not clothing themselves properly. They have power, but they're abusing their power."

So, the Creator transformed Himself into four bears at the head of Harrison Lake, one female bear, and three male bears. He walked through the territory. He said, "I want to give that good woman the gift of the cedar," because we needed clothes and shelter, our people, "and provide their cooking utensils for all time. There is a particularly good man, I'm going to turn him into salmon, so I can feed our people for all time." So, in this manner, Xa:als walked through the territory, leaving gifts, telling them to share their gifts, telling them how to live right.

When He got here, the Xaxa:als, the Creator, saw there were three good men. "So those are three good men, those Siya:m are three good men. I will give them a special gift of the written language." So he sat for a few days, taught them the written language, and they travelled to the ocean, got into a canoe, and went to Vancouver Island. They said, "One day, we will come back, and see if our people are using the gifts, if they're sharing their gifts, and if they're living right." So, when they found the appointed day, they said, "Well, we will leave first thing in the morning, when the sun comes up from the east."

So, when the four bears faced east and the sun came up, they turned into one man, and that was Xa:als. And he walked through the territory. Yes, they were using the cedar for their shelter and for their clothing, and for their cooking baskets. They saw that they were sharing the salmon. There was this one woman, she didn't share the first salmon of the season. Pff! He turned her into stone. So, as Xa:als walked through the territory, whoever wasn't living right, or wasn't sharing their gift, He would turn them into stone.

When Xa:als arrived here, he saw that the three Siya:m hadn't shared the written language. He said, "You haven't shared the written language. I will turn you into stone." But before he could turn the three Siya:m into stone, one started crying, one started singing, and one started teaching people very fast. From that day forward, the song, that song is still trapped in this rock. And I say, "We're like the third Siya:m. We are teaching people very fast about our culture and our spirituality." That's what we do here all day long, at Xa:ytem.

I'd like you to all come, and listen to the song in the rock.

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