LinneaOh, hello! Welcome, welcome to Xa:ytem! I'm glad you found time to come and visit us today. I'm always so pleased when people come, because this is a place of teaching. It's a place of culture, and most important, a place of sharing.

What you see here is our longhouse. We will give you a tour today of our longhouse, our pithouses. We'll bring you up to the rock. You're going to have the full story of Xa:ytem. Our whole reason that we're here is to share the Sto:lo culture, history, spirituality, and archeology.

I'm so pleased I'm the one who gets to do it. My name is Linnea Battel, I'm the director here. I have to tell you my real name, it's Ai:yametkwa, "she who brings the sun." Enjoy! But most of all, I'd like you to enjoy your tour today.

I would like you to come into the longhouse, and we'll tell you all about how important the longhouses were to our people, all made of cedar, and you can see the inside, and look at the shed-type roof. So we will continue on with our tour. Please join me!

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