LinneaOh, hello! Welcome to Xa:ytem, and welcome to our pithouse! My name is Linnea Battel, I'm the director here. I have to tell you my real name, it's Ai:yametkwa, "she who brings the sun." Enjoy!

It is my pleasure to talk about our pithouse, which are underground dwellings. We lived here in the winter. We had our beautiful long houses in the summer time. But one wonderful thing about pithouses, sqéméls, is that they're very secure, because they're underground, plus they were very cosy and warm in the winter.

If you look at the entrance here, traditionally it would have been very low. The women built the entrance, and they would crawl in or they would stoop in. When the architect designed this sqémél, he had it at 6 foot 8". I said, "That's not in keeping", so he said, "Linnea, come here." So he measured me, and that's the entrance of our pithouse today.

I would really like to tell you about it. Would you please come and follow me?

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