LinneaGood morning, Auntie. Now I was just remembering, you know, like six years ago?

MinnieYes, about that.

LinneaThat we decided to tell a story.

MinnieTo tell a story, yeah.

LinneaAnd you told Brenda and I to draw it.

MinnieYeah. We had to put it on a paper, draw out the patterns, and then start trying to work at it and put everything in together, what it means here at the rock.

LinneaIt amazed me, Auntie, that we just drew this, we gave it to you, and you just-

Minnie-and it was done.

LinneaYeah, that was amazing.

MinnieSo, tell about the-

Linnea-well, what we put on here, Auntie, was the, we wanted to tell the story of the rock and the three siyá:ms who, the spirits are in there. So we have that front and centre. Then we had to talk about our pithouse-

Minnie-pithouse, yeah.

LinneaThat's what we were celebrating. We were very pleased that the University College of the Fraser Valley donated the money to fashion this for us. So we wanted to show the pithouse. We absolutely wanted to show all of our cedar.


LinneaThat was really important.

MinnieYeah, it was very. We had to take the bark off for doing the things, the baskets, and that, here, is showing the other people how to do little bracelets and little baskets.

LinneaAnd we also wanted to talk about the grandmother frog. We called grandmother frog, she arrived here two years ago as a gift to us. And we also really wanted to stress about the branch.

MinnieYes, the bulrush, to make the mats, for the pithouses.

LinneaYou know what the elders had told me, Auntie, was of the sacred fire. So that's why we had to have that front and center. And then we also talked about the elders' house, and we just told you, "you know, just put some examples", and you chose all the colours.

MinnieThe colours, yeah.

LinneaAnd then we told you we wanted our teaching longhouse here.

MinnieYeah. We have all different, the colours are put in, with all different people that come in here to learn.

LinneaAnd more importantly to us was that we asked you to depict the four elders who really helped us, with Xa:ytem, to save it, but they're in spirit now.


LinneaThe other-

Minnie-the other one was the fire?

LinneaYes, that was the burning-

Minnie-burning, yes-

Linnea-our first burning on July 3rd. It was 1991. And that's Kenny Moses. You knew him.

MinnieYeah. And then we have the fish, and then in the spring, we have to put the waste back into the river.

LinneaI just wondered one thing, Auntie, about the colours, because you chose the colours?

MinnieYes. Red, red is for spiritual people.


MinnieAnd same up there, we have the middle colour is the indian doctor, or whatever it is, whatever we want to call him.

LinneaYeah, because I thought that was really important.

MinnieIt's important to have the colours right.

LinneaYeah. You know, I think, it's just-and you added your own little elements.

MinnieYeah, it's true.

LinneaYou added the rain.

MinnieThe rain.

LinneaWe have the sun. We want it to be sunny all the time, but, as you said, we grow our beautiful trees because of the rain.

MinnieOn account of the rain. And then we have our eagles and other birds that are flying in the sky, and then our canoes right there with the people.

LinneaYou know, I love this because, you know, this tells our story, and we talked about oral tradition. You know, what better than we revived oral tradition.


LinneaAnd we have our master leader, Auntie here, doing it for us.

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