The Salmon Story

When the Creator was still creating Mother Earth, there were a lot of things we have today that were not here at the beginning. For food we had a lot of meat. There were deer, elk, bear but when you eat meat you always have a heavy feeling in your stomach. You feel weighted down. Our people prayed to the Creator for something different, something lighter. The Creator spoke to a Siam and gave him instructions. "You make a dip net and go to the river. There you will see something swimming in the river, these are salmon. Dip one out and roast it by the fire. Share this food with your people. Then gather up all the salmon bones, place them on cedar bark and return them to the river. The river will take the bones back to the salmon people who live in the Sea. If you don't show your respect in this way, not many salmon will return to the river. You have to give thanks to the Salmon People for sending their children up the river to feed us."

This is how the Creator gave us the salmon.

Told by Ed Leon, Chehalis. Retold by Frank Malloway.

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First Salmon Ceremony (6 mb)First Salmon Ceremony
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