Red Cedar

A long time ago there was a kind and generous man who always helped those in need. When they were hungry he fed them. When they were cold, he gave them happiness.

The Creator witnessed this and said, "This man in a good person. When he dies and where he is buried a cedar tree will grow. From this tree the people will use the wood to build their homes and canoes, from the roots they will make baskets, from the bark they will make clothing, rope and twine, from the boughs they will brush away sickness and sadness. To the people I give you this tree in honour of this man who was so kind and generous to all people. The cedar will take his place and look after you". This happened many thousands and thousands of years ago. Today our people still make use of the red cedar as the Creator intended. Like many of our trees the cedar is in danger. There are very few old growth trees left and many young trees are cut down to use as hydro and telephone poles. When you drive down the highway these poles are standing along the road, holding hydro and telephone wires. So you all still receive help from the cedar tree. It helps carry electricity to your home so that you may keep warm and cook your food. If you were not fed and kept warm you would be sad.

So the cedar tree is still doing what the Creator wanted it to do. Think about this and when you drive down the highway, give thanks to the Cedar.

As told by Chief Frank Malloway

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