Pink salmon

Pink salmon is an interesting salmon species. These fish change a great deal during the salmon spawn. Also known as humpbacks, male pink salmon experience a great change during spawning, growing a large hump on their back and a pronounced hook-jaw, and change colour to a yellowish-red side. At sea, pinks are a blue-green metallic colour with a silver ventral area (belly), and have black spots. These salmon are not very big when compared to the spring salmon or the coho, but can be up to a respectable 5 kilograms, and would be 75 centimetres long at this weight. Pink salmon normally spawn during the month of August. Once hatched into fingerlings, they head straight to the estuaries to get used to salt water. They then take to the sea for 18 months, after which they return to their spawning stream to start the cycle again.

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