Indian Teas

The creation of Indian teas involves much of the same process as that of store-bought tea, except for the fact that the ingredients are different. These teas are very similar to the herbal teas that have become quite popular. Although many teas were consumed as a beverage, some were used medicinally or as tonics. Two very popular teas are Moqwem (Labrador tea) and th'exth'ex te (stinging nettle tea).

Labrador tea is also known as swamp tea, because the Labrador plant lives in and around swamps. Unfortunately, as most of the great swamps of the Fraser Valley have been drained for land development, much of the habitat of this plant is now gone. The plant can be recognised by its narrow, long fuzzy leaves and white flowers. A boiling pot of water and a handful of leaves are all that is necessary to produce a very flavourful tea. With the same method, stinging nettle is used to produce a very nice tea.

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