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A Journey to a New Land

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Ice Age Challenge


Thousands of years ago, your friends decided to journey to a new land. After they had already left, you decided to go too, and now you have to catch up! Travel by land and sea, and try to reach your friends' campfires before they move on. Don't get left out in the cold in this ICE AGE CHALLENGE!

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Ice Age Challenge is a series of maze-like puzzles that let you explore the difficulties in finding a safe route through treacherous lands. Thousands of years ago, during the last Ice Age, people came to North, Central, and South America by one, or both, of two ways: via an ice-free corridor through modern-day Alberta, or via canoe-like boats around the North Pacific.

You can play the levels in any order, though it is recommended that you start with the simplest level ("the raven") on the left and work your way towards the most challenging level ("the beast") on the right.

Once you choose a level, you must complete it before attempting another level. You begin with three lives.

To win, complete all five levels in one session to get a prize. You may pause the game at any time, but once you close the browser window your session is over.

To begin playing, or to pause the game at any time, press down on the space bar on your keyboard.

To move the character, open a path by clicking on the squares to rotate the rock and ice obstacles.

In the top left corner, you'll find a tiny map-view of the level. The flashing square represents the goal: a warm fire where your friends are waiting for you. The yellow squares are either torches or fish: fuel to keep you warm and energised.

To show or hide the map, click on the arrow-shaped tab.


The RavenThe Raven - Since time immemorial, the raven has been an important animal in North America. On this coastal water route, try to catch up to a raven for an extra life, and catch fish to keep yourself energised.
The TorchThe Torch - If your body temperature drops too low, you'll freeze, so collect torches to warm yourself.
The CavesThe Caves - Make sure you try every possible route through the caves, or you may never find your way out! Explorers always make maps to guide their path. Draw your own map with paper and pencil to help you find your way.
The StormThe Storm - Out on the open water, a storm can be deadly and pop up without warning. Don't linger in a storm - move away quickly!
The BeastThe Beast - Even though most animals are just as afraid of you as you are of them, you're bound to get frozen stiff if you run into one unexpectedly. Good luck!