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A Journey to a New Land

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Jigsaw Puzzle

Welcome to our Ice Age jigsaw puzzle.

puzzle image 1

Change the puzzle picture at any time by pressing on the "change puzzle" button.

change puzzle buttonpuzzle image 2

To play, press the "start" button in the middle of the screen with your computer mouse.

play button

To move a puzzle piece, click, hold and drag it.

puzzle piece

To place a piece, let go of the mouse button. Inside the game area, the puzzle piece will snap to one of the possible placements. To rotate the piece, click as you hold down the ALT key on a PC, or the Option key on a Mac. You can move any piece time and time again.

puzzle image 3puzzle image 4puzzle image 5

If you need a few hints, you can choose to view the completed picture by clicking on the "eye" button.

eye button

The two buttons below the "eye" button will allow you to toggle viewing either all the outlines of the completed puzzle

puzzle outlines

or just the puzzle border.

puzzle borderspuzzle image 6puzzle


puzzlepuzzle image 7

Challenge yourself with you own 'best time'. A timer will count the seconds until all the puzzle pieces are in the right spot. If you need a break, pause the timer with the 'pause' button in the top right-hand corner.

pause button

It will turn into a 'play' button that you can press later on to continue from where you left off.

play buttonpuzzle image 8

If you think you're finished, but the timer keeps going, look closely at the puzzle pieces. Some of the pieces may not be in the right spots, or may not be correctly oriented.

puzzle image 9puzzle image 10puzzle image 11

Finally, to get back to the first screen, press the "start over" button.

start over buttonpuzzle image 12

Have Fun!