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A Journey to a New Land

Woolly Mammoth
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Memory Game

Challenge your short-term memory with cards featuring animals of the past Ice Age.

Memory Game image 1

With your computer mouse, click on cards to turn them over. If you match a pair, the name of that animal will appear in the text bar at the top of the game, and an audio recording will say the name of the animal.

Memory Game image 2Memory Game image 3Memory Game image 4

Keep going until you match all the cards!

Memory Game image 5

Click on the left or right buttons at the top to select the number of cards you want to play with. Clicking on these buttons will start a new game with the new number of cards.

Memory Game image 6Memory Game image 7

If you'd like a preview of the solution, press the "eye" button. The picture side of the cards will stay visible for a few seconds.

image of eye buttonMemory Game image 8

To start the game over at any time, press the "shuffle" button.

image of shuffle buttonMemory Game image 9

Each time you play the game, you will get a different mix of animals. So keep playing to see them all!