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A Journey to a New Land

Woolly Mammoth
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Stickers Game

This game lets you build and colour your own Ice Age scene, full of Ice age creatures.

image of sticker game 1

To begin, choose a creature from the top menu bar using your mouse. Click on the creature once, and you will see a larger copy appear under your mouse cursor. You can let go of the mouse button. The image will follow the mouse when you move it. Click inside the scene area to place the creature. To move the creature again, make sure the mouse cursor is the 'hand picture' by clicking on the "hand" button and click on the creature.

image of move button

To flip, turn upside down, or change the size of your creatures, click on the "reshape" button.

image of rotate tool

Once the mouse cursor has changed, click on the creature you want to reshape.

rotate icon

Click either the arrow, rectangle, or triangle control to make your changes. Click again to fix the new shape of your creature, and change the tool by clicking on any other button.

image of arrowsrectangletriangle

That's all fine, but the picture's colours are pretty boring, right? Click on the colour button.

image of colours

Now you can choose the colour of crayon you want by clicking anywhere on the pop-up crayon drawer.

image of crayons

Click on a creature or on a part of the background. If you have a human in your scene, you can individually colour his or her clothes, face, and hair.

sticker game, image2sticker game, image3

At any time, use the large scroll buttons at the top to see more creatures, and use the small scroll buttons on the side to select backgrounds.





At any time, choose the eraser button, and click once on the creature to make them disappear. You can't erase background colours, but you can colour them white.

eraser buttonsticker game, image4sticker game, image5

Finally, hit the "print" button to send your finished artwork to a printer. Colour printers work best for coloured stickers. If you have a black and white printer, leave the background white and colour your creatures with the white crayon. This way, you can print only the outlines and colour the artwork yourself!

print buttonsticker game, image6

Be creative, and have fun!