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Vermilion Lakes

The Vermilion Lakes site is located at base of Mount Edith on the north side of the Bow River Valley, in southwestern Alberta. The earliest cultural layers date to about 11,000 – 10,000 years BP, making Vermilion Lakes the earliest securely dated site found so far in the southern Ice Free Corridor area.

The site contains a well-stratified record of numerous occupations over the last 11,000 years. Most of these represent small temporary encampments, some possibly occupied for only a few days or weeks.

The earliest cultural layers contained three hearth features, along with postholes, possibly from a temporary shelter. The lithicartifacts included several cores and bifacial tools, along with a large quantity of debitage. The faunal remains consisted mainly of mountain sheep, but remains of several small rodents and a large ungulate were also found.

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