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A Journey to a New Land

First People
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Dr. Knut Fladmark

Department of Archaeology, Simon Fraser University

A South to North Migration in the Corridor

Charlie Lake Cave is on the other side of BC in the so-called ice-free corridor area – Peace River District. It’s one of the few stratified, dated sites in the famous ice-free corridor and its earliest occupation goes back only to 10,500 years ago. And I think the fact that there is nothing older than that at Charlie Lake Cave and we haven’t found anything older than that 10,500 timeline anywhere in the icefree corridor that is reliably dated at least, indicates that nobody had reached that portion of central North America in early times. I think that sites like Charlie Lake Cave and the other ones indicate that people were moving from south to north up the corridor, after they had already moved southwards along the coast and then begun to spread inland, perhaps along the Columbia River and developed terrestrial adaptations in that process.