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A Journey to a New Land

Arctic Ground Squirrel
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Daryl Fedje

Geoarchaeologist, Parks Canada

Werner Bay – Underwater Site

There is one archaeological site that was discovered in Werner Bay that is situated about 50 -55 meters below water level today, on the sea floor. We can’t say for sure whether that is an in-place archaeological site. The artifact was found on the surface of the seafloor so it’s certainly possible that it may have been dropped out of a canoe or whatever, but the landscape down there is clearly one that people could have lived on. We find the old forest floor perfectly preserved down there including stumps of trees and branches and pinecones and things like that. We are able to bring those up with large grab sampling tools and examine them, looking at the pollen, looking at the plant fossils and things like that. So we can reconstruct the old environment but the archaeology on it is quite hard to see, and we’ve only seen a very little bit.