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A Journey to a New Land

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Dr. John Clague

Department of Earth Sciences, Simon Fraser University

Gravel Extraction from Kame Terraces

It’s interesting that in modern times these terraces are used for purposes other than human habitation. These terraces, like the McCallum terrace in the in the valley, are underlain by sand and gravel, and gravel is an important resource. It is used for concrete, for roadbed material, and for landscaping, so a number of gravel extraction pits have been opened in these elevated terraces, including the McCallum terrace.

The McCallum archaeological site is directly next to a fairly substantial sand and gravel pit in which they are extracting the material that underlies the McCallum site. For thousands of years, people were occupying this surface and using the land for a resource, but today we extract the material that underlies that surface for our modern activities such as road building.