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A Journey to a New Land

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Welcome to the Journey to a New Land Virtual Museum of Canada web site. This site explores theories around migrations of people to North America around the time of the last Ice Age, over 10,000 years ago.

Multimedia Library

On the far right of every page, there is a sideways link to the multimedia library. Here, you'll find all the images, video, games, and simulations that are part of the site, collected in one central location.

To access the photo library, click on the link to "photos" in Multimedia Library page to bring up the photo library window. Navigate between collections of photographs using the drop down menu at the top of the new window. Navigate within each collection with the "next image" and "previous image" links at the bottom of the page. Each photograph is accompanied with a brief description and a photo credit. To access the illustrations, simulations, video files and interactive games libraries, use the same approach.

If you are having trouble viewing any of the multimedia resources, you may need to download either Quicktime or Flash Player. They are free downloads, and are described here. Macromedia’s Flash Player is required to view the site introduction and to play the interactive games found inside the site. QuickTime is a video file viewer you need to view the video content of the site. Adobe Acrobat Reader allows you to read the PDF documents.

Text Size

On the far right of every page, you are given the choice between a larger and a smaller text size. Click on either to find the text size best for you.


The site caters to different educational groups: primary, elementary, middle school, secondary, and post-secondary students. To access these sections, click on the matching link underlined in red at the top of each page. The sections can also be explored by clicking on the “Site Map” link at the base of the large picture on each page.

The Primary Level has a downloadable PDF for teachers, and two online activities: a sticker-making studio and a memory card game, both featuring Ice Age creatures.

The Elementary Level also has a downloadable PDF for teachers, and two online games: a virtual jigsaw puzzle featuring Ice Age scenes, and a 3-D adventure-style puzzle solving maze game.

The Middle School Level explores the Bering Land Bridge/Ice Free Corridor Hypothesis and the more recently proposed Coastal Migration Route Hyporthesis. This section also provides an introduction to Ice Age life, stone tools of the period, and archaeological dating methods.

The Secondary Level investigates glaciation and sea level changes, from an earth sciences approach. This section includes animated simulations of glacial recession, and several short informational video clips from prominent scientists.

The Post-Secondary Level explores the complex issues arising from conflicting archaeological evidence surrounding movements of people and animals in North America. The students are invited to read, watch, and listen to the evidence in this section, and come to their own conclusions using deductive reasoning and intuition.

Resources for Teachers

Within each section, you will find resources for educators and material for lesson plans. In many sections, you can find accompanying audio, video, photographs, and even interactive games. To access different information in each section, click on underlined red text within each page, or look for the red links floating on either side of a page.

Some of the information will open up a new window so that you don’t lose your place in the site.


To report site problems or errors, register comments, or for general inquiries, please direct your correspondence for this Virtual Museum of Canada site through the central feedback form at the bottom of the page (the “feedback” link).