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Investigating forensics

Investigating forensics


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Transcript: Insects as Evidence

Dr Gail Anderson: I think that police are finally realizing that insects are evidence and we can use them in a death investigation. Once a police officer has seen a case that I've done and seen how useful it's been in court, then everybody wants to try that too. And suddenly there's an explosion, everybody wants to start using it. So when you tell a police officer that the insects on a body - that to him are just something gross and disgusting and in the way of his evidence, the bullet wound or whatever - you tell that police officer that he could actually get a time of death from those insects, they're very pleased.  If the police have six suspects in a homicide, and I can tell them when death took place, that might eliminate four of them right up front.

  • Role of the Forensic Entomologist
  • Insects as Evidence
  • Information from Insects