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Investigating forensics

Investigating forensics


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Transcript: Role of the Forensic Entomologist

Dr Gail Anderson:  Entomology is simply the study of insects. A forensic entomologist looks at the insects on a dead body. We try to determine as much information as we can about the body, and the death and the scene from those insects. So, an entomologist is usually called in to do elapsed time since death, but also to tell whether the body has been moved from one place to another after death. Maybe it has been disturbed by the killer coming back to the actual scene of the crime. We can use insects to work out where the wound sites were when they are no longer visible to the naked eye or to the pathologist. There are a lot of other things we can do with insects in a crime scene but primarily it's elapsed time since death.

  • Role of the Forensic Entomologist
  • Insects as Evidence
  • Information from Insects