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Investigating forensics

Investigating forensics

Site Credits

 Site Credits

Investigating Forensics

The SFU Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology gratefully acknowledges the financial investment by the Department of Canadian Heritage in the creation of this on-line presentation for the Virtual Museum of Canada.

SFU Engaging the World

Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology,
Simon Fraser University

Project Director
Dr. Barbara Winter
Project Manager
Ariana Fernández
Dr. Mark Skinner
Dr. Gail Anderson
Dr. Dongya Yang
Dr. Rolf Mathewes
Dr. Lynne Bell
Dr. Derek Congram
Dr. Amy Zelson Mundorff
Dr. Ana Maria Boza-Arlotti
Dr. Camilla Speller
Graduate students
Audrey Scott
Jodie –Ann Warren
Ursula Arndt
Mana Dembo
Grace Hua
Jason Moore
Andrew Hickok
Undergraduate students
Tsai Yun Chuang
Caitlin Donaldson
Charles Perry
Laboratory of Archaeology
Shannon Wood
Peter Locher
British Columbia Coroners Service
Stephen Fonseca
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Sgt. Diane Cockle
Retired Sgt. Cameron Pye
The Critical Thinking Consortium
Susan Teed
Dr. Roland Case
Dr. Philip Balcaen
Marina Elliott
Ariana Fernández
Carolyn Marcotte
3D Scanning
Brigit Burbank
Brianne Salmon
Heather Robertson
Teacher’s guide
Susan Teed
Cynthia Nicolson
Mary Abbott
Dr. Roland Case
Sherry Taylor
Ariana Fernández
Dr. Alvaro Higueras
Emeline Raguin
Emilie Desrosiers
Fanny Morland
Julie Coscio
Julie Robert
Marine Puech
Nancy Bourassa

Media Design - Teaching and Learning Centre,
Simon Fraser University

Media Design Manager, Art Director
Ivana Filipovic

Project Lead, Senior Producer
Kevin Teichroeb

Concept Development
Kevin Teichroeb
Stephen DeMuth
Ivana Filipovic

Marina Elliott
Kevin Teichroeb

Lead designer
Kirsten Johnson

Communications Designer
Stephen DeMuth

Web development
Michael Pede
Oleg Titov

Illustrations and 3D
Stephen DeMuth
Vesna Maljkovic

Design and PDF Production
Stephanie Chan
Nancy Bourassa

Video and Audio
David Brigden
Joel Schwarz
Thomas Buchan
Hans Goksøyr

Dale Northey

Director of Photography Consultant
Brian Johnston

Post-production edit
Jenn Strom

Offline edit
Paul Bennett

Video Transcription
Nicki O'Toole

Educational Consultant
David Rubelli

Voiceover artists (French)
Lyne Barnabé

Voiceover artist (English)
Sarah Turner

Financial management
Lorraine Algera, Manager
Jill Barulyk, Budget Assistant

Staff Coordinator
Tara Adair

Makeup Artist
Janette Peters