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Investigating forensics

Investigating forensics

Trauma and Pathology

 Analyze / Trauma and Pathology

Case: CFR 139Determining Trauma and Pathology

Your next task is to examine which injuries and diseases are present in the bones of the individual. Remember, you are analyzing evidence. The Coroner is the one who will make the final decision on cause of death. To do this, you will roll over the markers on the skeleton, look at the pictures and guess the type of pathology or trauma that the bones have by choosing the correct definition.

You must categorize each of the injuries, or trauma, according to the time they took place:

  • Antemortem – during life; showing signs of the healing process
  • Perimortem – or around the time of death, appear fresh with no signs of healing, and often contribute to the death
  • Postmortem – after death

You must also look for any diseases, or pathologies, affecting bone and soft tissue during the person’s life. These can be compared to medical records to assist in identifying the person.